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Stagrcraft Christian Ministries for people using the performing arts for entertainment and outreach


In the late 1980's our ministry director Dave Williams was called to reach out to fan's of rock and metal music with the Gospel message. The ministry, then called "Meltdown Christian Ministries" began a work that lasted for over 40 years. During that time the ministry staged concerts for Christian bands in both secular and Christian venues. The ministry were involved in the recording of well over 20 Christian metal and rock albums. We provided a stage at the annual Greenbelt festival for 9 years, providing a harder edged stage for rock fans. The most prominent work of the ministry was the annual residential "Meltdown" teaching and music weekend. The Meltdown weekend ran for 30 years.

During the Covid pandemic the Meltdown leadership felt very strongly that the Lord wanted us to expand the ministry beyond the rock and metal music scene. We were already holding regular IN-TUNE training weekends where musicians could get together and re-evaluate their calling. Also, Dave Williams, our director is a professional magician and he uses his magic for Gospel outreach. So the decision was made to expand the ministry to offer support and teaching to everyone involved in the performing arts. With a new ministry name and new aims and objectives we look forward to serving those called to serve those who perform on stage regardless of music  genre or skillset.  So if you perform for Jesus then the Stagecraft ministry is for you.

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