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Meltdown Christian hard music ministries


For the past 30+ years we have staged the annual Meltdown Christian Heavy Music teaching and fellowship weekend. The event came about because of our calling t put together Christian hard rock and metal bands for the purpose of outreach to the rock and metal community. The purpose of he event was to provide a weekend where fans of rock and metal music could come together for worship, teaching, ministry and like minded fellowship. During the Covid pandemic the Lord began to speak to us about the direction that he wants our ministry to take going forwards. We now have the excellent ministry of Rev Reality in Birmingham run by Matt and Sarah McKay and their team. This means that folk from the rock and metal communities can meet together on a regular basis and form more of an on-going fellowship. For this reason we have decided to stop staging the annual residential Meltdown weekend and instead to support Rev in their work within the metal scene.

This does not mean that we will be stepping aside completely from staging rock and metal music events. But it does mean that we can concentrate our calling into a new direction that the Lord is leading us to. Meltdown pioneered Christian metal music ministry in the UK and served that calling overall for over 40 years. We were pro-active in putting together new bands, we toured bands in the UK and Europe, we oversaw the recording of over 30 albums, we managed bands in the UK and Europe and we staged many teaching events for rock and metal musicians. 

We will continue to stage teaching events for musicians and we will continue to play a major part in the Facebook group CMI and the Swedish Metal House Ministry with Jeanette and Henrik Larsson. 

So watch the Stagecraft website for news of Meltdown events. 

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