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Are we ready for ministry?

What qualities should be shown by a Christian leader in any field of ministry, including the performing arts?

  1. Why the performing arts?

  2. Are you really called of God to minister through the arts?

  3. Do you understand the responsibilities of a ministry through the arts?

  4. Do you have the integrity required for ministry?

  5. Are you willing to submit to God's direction over your own?

  6. Do you know how to maintain your anointing?

  7. Do you have a servants heart?

  8. Do you know what success in ministry really is?

  9. Can you control your ego?

  10. How to deal with opposition?


In-Tune Training Weekends

For many years the Meltdown ministry have staged training weekends for people involved in music ministry. In 2022 the Meltdown ministry team felt very strongly that the Lord wanted us to expand our teaching ministry to everyone involved in any of the performing arts. For this reason the Meltdown ministry became Stagecraft ministries. One of the  ministry directors is a professional magician and has been using his performances to share the Gospel for many years. He is also in the process of writing a book for Christian magicians with Gospel routines for them to use in their Christian shows. 

We will be staging weekend conferences for people who use any of the performing arts to share the Christian message, to teach scripture and to reach those who do not know Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

Full details of our training weekends will be available on this page of our website.

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